Stock Market Activity  
This is how I make my money these days,
but if you are interested in my career, then you need to see my
resume and portfolio.
Since I've started to manage my own stocks and bonds,
I've had so much success1 with my stock, a number of people have asked for my tips.
This page used to have my trades on it, but I've changed my mind.
Previously I said:
"Though I'm not qualified to advise,
if you are interested in what I have been doing, here is a list of my trades,
so you can do it too, if you want to."
But, it's too much effort to keep it up to date,
and unless a whole lot of folks follow my lead,
I have nothing to gain by making it public.
I left the philosophy.  It doesn't get out of date.
It's not really a gain or a loss until you sell.
Fees: I pay only $8 per trade
...    .......
Don't feel cheated if you leave a little money on the table.
.....    ..... 

...    .......
As my dad told me:   
Sometimes the bulls win, sometimes the bears win, but the pigs always get stuck in the end.
...    .......
Lately all my stocks have been dogs, 
and I failed to buy the ones I thought I wanted, 
many of which have really taken off.
See Note 2
 ...    .......  
Don't bet more than you can afford to lose . . . but . . .
...    .......
. . . Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Historically, if you hold a stock for 20 years  
(and the company does not fail),  
then you can be assured of a reasonable return.

I buy only stocks  
I would be willing to hold for a long time. 

Note 1
Since I have been managing my portfolio for myself, I have not sold any stock at a loss.
I may not have been making a tremendous amount of money, but I haven't any regrets,
so I think the exercise has been a success.
This chart is only here for your amusement.
If it doesn't work out for you,
I won't accept any complaints.
Note 2
I consider a stock a dog if I have to hold it longer than I planned.
Note made early December 1998: COMS may soar in the near future.

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