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This is my car, Angelica, the stainless steel shuttle craft which has a a flux capacitor and a Mr Fusion (unlimited power and an ittttttty-bitttty little luggage space), but I hardly ever get to drive it.  Right now, the brakes are wimpy and the fast-idle is stuck on, so a spin around the block might well turn into a spin around the stop.
 Here I am at the wheel
Bink in the DeLorean


So you've played Minesweeper,
and you think you're pretty good? 
At 104 seconds for the expert level, I thought so.

Until . . . 
I tried it without flags 
(and thus without the two-button release move), 
one click at a time.
Low success rate. 
As of 981127, Best Time is 278 seconds.

I thought there would soon be more pictures here, but somehow that didn't happen.

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