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Electrical and Computer Engineer


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Professional Experience
2001 - Present
President, CEO

Duties include applied research & development, engineering, management, and innovation. 
Interbink is a small startup creating custom hardware and software applications which include but are not limited to security, medical research, and robotics systems.   Current work includes innovative uses for Radio Frequency Identification, improved techniques for navigation and verification, and the creation of tools for the design and implementation of Auto-ID based installations, with emphasis on invention and versatility.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 
2000 - 2001
Research Engineer at the MIT Auto-ID Center
..... Auto-ID: 
To achieve their mission "to merge the physical world with the information world," the MIT Auto-ID Center is developing 
..... - the Electronic Product Code (ePC): a standard defining unique numeric keys for identifying physical objects,

- the Product Markup Language (PML): a language for describing physical objects, and

- the Object Naming Service (ONS): a method for locating data associated with a particular object, 
and implementing demonstrations of these techniques using existing Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology.

The ePC is intended to extend and replace the UPC (bar codes) now found on most products, PML will describe those products, and the ONS (similar to the Internet's Domain Name System) will direct computer systems to the information associated with ePC labeled items.
Duties included designing and building demonstrations of Auto-ID applications, establishing and managing the electronics development lab, purchasing materials, instruments, and technology for the lab, presenting demos, explaining the technology and proposed applications to sponsors, and developing testbeds for the research.
While creating the demos, devised additional configurations for the technology, discovered mutations for the RFID equipment, invented innovative applications and hardware, applied previously unnoticed effects, and researched applicable methods, implications, and techniques.
Also assisted with system administration and software development.
Symbionics 1978 - 1984

CEO, Founder

Custom software and systems

  • Poynton Vector Corporation
Developed frame buffer for Shuttle cameras
  • Carleton University
EE Sessional Lecturer: Microprocessor Systems

Tarot Electronics 1973 - 1983
Vice President, Partner, Founder
Invention, design, prototype, and development contractor Created the MIMIC®  Mutable Interface....................................................
  • SystemHouse Ltd
Designed and developed control systems for
existing stereo mapping equipment
  • Communications Research Council
Satellite ground station manager
Modified computers and created interfaces
....... ........................

Carnegie Mellon University  1996
Teaching and Lab Assistant
Provided instruction and demonstrated techniques in
Introduction to Electrical Engineering


Bell Northern Research  1971 - 1974
Member of Scientific and Technical Staff
Development of the Digital Data Network (Dataroute) 
Contributions included research, design, construction, component specification and acquisition, installation, field testing, and supervision.


National Research Council  1969
Summer Student

Built radar equipment; researched data management system


Northern Radio  1968 Quality Assurance and Testing
  . ........................

As Independent Contractor 1998 - 2000 Interaction and Usability Consultant
....... ........................

  • Indicates employment on customer site.
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA
  Bachelor of Science
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Algonquin College - School of Technology
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

3 Year Diploma
Physics (Electronics) Engineering Technology

Sir George Williams University
Montreal, Quebec

Commerce I
  • RFID demonstration of robotic navigation
  • Web enabled appliances
  • Mobile Robot
  • Backloop Audition for Telerobotics
  • Individual instruction modules
  • Computer site maintenance
  • Home improvement
    • Architectural design
    • Re-engineering and restoration
    • Automated Home inventions
    • Construction
  • Convention Chairman
+  A position which will allow me to build robots, teleoperators, or other computationally-controlled moving devices. 
+  A tangible result from my efforts -- prefer building hardware to writing software. 
+  Responsibilities which would make good use of my broad range of knowledge and skills.
+  An opportunity to innovate.
An ideal position would provide opportunities for robotics research, or involvement in a space program.
Prefer the increased productivity of team effort to the autonomy of working solo, but am a self-starter.
Have enjoyed creating efficient working environments for my employees, staff, and colleagues, and found satisfaction in making their efforts more effective.
Areas of Expertise
Languages: Software:  Hardware: Tools:
C, C++
Assembler (various)
Quattro Pro
Corel Draw
Lotus 1-2-3
Paint Shop Pro
  Embedded systems
  BASIC Stamp
  Parallax Javelin
  Motion control
 Intellectual Property
Performer-Supported Keyboard
An ergonomically curved input device
1,129,230 10 August 1982
4,304,167 08 December 1981
MIMIC® 03 April 1980
Computer-based Mutable Interface, Instrumentation, & Controller system
Fantasy® 21 May 1982
Performer-Supported keyboard
Devices designed to interact using Basic Identification Numeric Keys
Numerous other designs, inventions, and products
The IEEC&E paper titled "The Bedroom Computer" (1977), described the MIMIC microcomputer-based system configured as a personal computer. 
The IEEC&E presentation "Self-Configuring Computing Systems" (1979) was a look into the future, describing a system architecture which eventually became Plug & Play, intranets, and infrared interconnections. 
As a sessional lecturer at Carleton University, created and developed additional materials, examinations, and demonstrations for an already established Electrical Engineering course, Microprocessor Systems.
"Microprocessors",  in the Science Lecture Series at the C.E.G.E.P. de l'Outaouais.
The presentation, poster, and demonstration of Backloop Audition for Telerobotics was awarded an Honorable Mention by the Sigma Xi Society in 1996.
At NRC, a paper describing an improved data management system, and a presentation of design considerations for a personal data display device.
- Brochures, instruction manuals, and user guides for the owners, users, and DIY builders of our systems. 
- Instructional talks and directed seminars in Building and Testing MIMICs. 
- Individual instruction for owners, and short courses on MIMIC Service Techniques for technical staff.
- Successful bids and proposals for government and commercial contracts. 
- Successful research proposals. 
- Several technical magazine articles and works of fiction
- Demonstrations, presentations, panels, and seminars in a variety of mostly scientific and technical subjects.
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