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These items are here because they are funny, special, unusual, or just plain weird.
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Notice the  Open   sign on the door  
Open, it says.
The sign with the leaping bodies proclaims 



I passed this storefront on my way to buy tea and books  
in the shops next door. 
I wonder what they do in there . . . 
. . . and why. 
The word PROJECTIOLOGY on the sign  
has been digitally enhanced  
to make it easier to read  
in the compacted images.

Diving deer

Instead of the usual cavorting creatures, 
I guess we have been warned  
to look for them  
falling from the sky.
Is it, therefore, that 
we are to look for
rain deer?


My modem apparently speaks French.
How far into hyperspace  
does the software have to go,  
to find a blue screen of death  
with a bilingual complaint  
about the modem?

A scene reminiscent of Riven, and Myst. 
Over the bridge . . .
To the beach on the bay.
Years ago, when I was very young, my sister gave me these pictures.  They were constructed with what looks to be the bark of oak, the bark from paper birch, moss, and other natural materials.  The frames had an inlay of bark between the black outer rim and the white inner part.  
The originals were approximately 18" x 12" and about an inch deep. 

I have often taken trips over the bridge to play on the beach. 

I am pleased that I had the chance to photograph them, because they did not survive the move.  
It saddens me that they are gone.   
But they are not forgotten.  
Thank you Marilyn. 

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