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      I have written, and had published, several technical magazine articles and works of fiction. 

      In the late seventies, I gave speeches entitled "NASA's Space Shuttle" to several audiences and had the honor of addressing the membership of the International Electrical, Electronics Conference and Exposition twice. 
The IEEC&E paper titled "The Bedroom Computer" (1977), described the MIMIC microcomputer-based system, and presented it configured as a personal computer.  The presentation,  "Self-Configuring Computing Systems" (1979), was a look into the future, describing what eventually became Plug & Play architecture, intranets, and infrared connections. 

      Because more than one hundred MIMICs have been sold to hobbyists (as personal computers), I have prepared a number of brochures and guides for the owners, users, and builders of our systems.  I have delivered instructional talks to the membership of the Ottawa Computer Group and directed seminars in Building and Testing MIMICs for the MIMIC Users Group, with considerable individual instruction for owners.  In addition, I prepared a short course on MIMIC Service Techniques for the technical staff of Gentian Electronics and have given lessons in this series. 

      As a business owner, and partner, I have prepared and presented numerous successful bids and proposals for government (Canadian) and commercial contracts, prepared the brochures, instruction manuals, and user guides for the equipment which was delivered, and developed successful research proposals. 

      In 1981, I was a sessional lecturer at Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario.   I prepared additional materials, examinations, and demonstrations for an already established Electrical Engineering course, Microprocessor Systems
     With the topic "Microprocessors", I made a presentation in the Science Lecture Series at the C.E.G.E.P. de l'Outaouais, in Hull Quebec. 

      Twice I have been a Guest of Honor at a literary convention, and my duties included demonstrations, presentations, panels, and seminars in a variety of mostly scientific and technical subjects. 

      My formal presentation to the North Allegheny Board of School Directors, on the importance of providing an educational structure which targets basic proficiency in science and technology for every student, has been a factor in the design of their current curriculum. 
     Scientific and technical presentations to groups from the Boy Scouts of America have included instruction and hands-on project guidance in Engineering, ecology, energy management, and electronics. 

My entry, Backloop Audition for Telerobotics, was awarded an HONORABLE MENTION by the Sigma Xi Society in their 1996 Poster Contest. 

I made a presentation and demonstration at the "Meeting of the Minds," Carnegie Mellon's Undergraduate Research Symposium.

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