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Micrometer Glossary
ABET Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology New York, NY
AP State Scholar Each year, only two students (one male and one female), earn the designation of Pennsylvania AP State Scholar, in recognition of college-level achievement on Advanced Placement Examinations.
audition 2.  n.  the act of hearing.
aural adj. of or having to do with the ear, or sense of hearing.
BAT Backloop Audition for Teleoperation or 
Backloop Audition for Telerobotics
BNR Bell Northern Research Ottawa, Ontario
Capaciflector A method, developed by NASA,  of detecting proximity by amplifying variations in capacitance.
cursor A movable symbol on a display screen which is the contact point between the user and the data.  On graphics systems it can take any shape (such as an arrow, square, or pen), and usually changes as it performs different functions.
CMU Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, PA
College Board College Entrance Examination Board, 
Educational Testing Service
New Jersey
ETS College Board Acorn logo
Communications Research Council, which is located in the Communcations Research Center complex at Shirley's Bay. Ottawa, Ontario
Digital Data Network This BNR project, which pioneered sending data in packets, at very high rates, was later called Dataroute.
emissary n.  a person (or autonomous agent) sent on a mission or errand, especially one sent secretly.
Fantasy The Registered trademark of the patented Performer-Supported Keyboard
haptic adj.  1. relating to or based on the sense of touch.   2. a sense of touch at the skin level (including vibration, pressure, and heat), and force feedback information from muscles and joints. 
Hermes The name of the satellite launched as Project Green Maple, a joint Canada-U.S. project.
Canadian flag
United States flag

International Electrical, Electronics Conference and Exposition September 26,27&28, 
Toronto, Canada
October 2, 3, & 4,
Toronto, Canada 
IEEE  Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers 
microfiche n.  a single sheet of microfilm, usually the same size as a file card, carrying microcopies of  numerous pages of printed matter.
MIDI Musical Instrument Digital Interface
MIMIC Mutable Integrated Memory, Interface, & Controller MIMIC has its own page.
monitor An obsolete reference to a process which is both BIOS, and the essentials of an operating system
NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration U.S.A.
NRC National Research Council Ottawa, Ontario Canada
OCR Optical Character Recognition, a process whereby images of printed or handwritten documents are converted to machine-readable text.
Order of the Engineer, Inc. The corporation which governs the Order of the Engineer, and the U.S. Iron Ring ceremonies. Baltimore, MD
Peltier Device A method of moving heat using the physics of bimetal junctions.  Much like reversing a thermocouple.
Robix RCS-6 A robot construction set.
Robix® is a product of Advanced Design
1101 East Rudasill Rd., 
Tucson, AZ 85718
six degrees of freedom The three common axes (X, Y, and Z) plus roll, pitch, and yaw.
Sigma Xi A national honor society for those engaging in scientific research.
SURG Small Undergraduate Research Grant
UNREAL A virtual input device which included projected images of operator controls, active floor panels, and bodypart position sensors.
µPROCESS A tiny operating system for a pioneer  personal computer.
URAP Undergraduate Research Apprentice Program.  See, also, SURG
VRML Virtual Reality Modeling Language
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