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Iluminating studies. Individual Instruction 

Coached the 1993 Pennsylvania 
AP State Scholar (F) for many years. 
She expects to graduate from MIT with a Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering in December. 

Taught Statistics to a Community College student who went on to graduate in Nursing. 

Tutored a student for the SAT.  He improved his scores significantly and qualified to enter his choice of schools. 
He earned his BSc in Physics. 

Currently, I am coaching a student in COBOL by phone, and providing guidance in robotics to a Mechancial Engineering student. 

Computers Electronics 

At this time and in this location, I use and maintain a variety of electonic and computer equipment. At least five computers (including laptops) are in service on this site, running MS DOS, MSWindows (predominantly Win95), and Linux. There are also four printers, three scanners, a CD writer, eight hard drives, several MIDI devices, a computerized robot, and a variety of multimedia input and output devices. 

I am building a simple mobile robot to compete in an autonomous agent competition. 

I am enhancing my experimental robotic system which was originally designed to demonstrate Backloop Audition for Telerobotics

Hammer, chisel, square My Old House 

Designed and built by a little-known architect in the style of Frank Lloyd Wright, this 1967 vintage structure was in serious disrepair when I bought it in 1983.  With constant redesign and restoration, I have improved it considerably, but because I work part time and alone, progress has been slow. 
ForestThe land it occupies is registered as a Wildlife Habitat with the National Wildlife Federation. 

As chairman and producer of  Maplecon I, which was held in Ottawa, Ontario, I was responsible for every aspect of organizing and producing the four day event.  Responsibilities included making provisions for guest speakers, programming, showspace, competitions, banquet, social gatherings, merchants, and volunteer labor. 
Based on the success of that inaugural conference, Mapelcon became an annual gathering.
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