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As a Student at Carnegie Mellon University 

Because of my previous education and experience,  I did not take the usual four years to complete my degree at CMU.  Instead I took two courses as a Special Student, and then completed the ECE core program in three additional semesters. This meant that my schedule was devoted to lab and project courses. 

Tent Fly Power Supply 
When faced with the task of designing a portable ice maker, in Interdisciplinary Engineering Design: Creating Product and Process [Engineering Design in the Large], our team designed a unique power source based on a very large array of solar cells.  We were the only group to physically demonstrate the feasibility of succeeding with a portable device, by actually creating ice with a Peltier device, during the presentation of our design. 
My research project titled Backloop Audition for Teleoperation was partly funded by a SURG grant
Although I completed my coursework in December 1995, I didn't receive my diploma until the commencement ceremony held in May 1996.  
In the interim, I worked as a Lab Assistant for Introduction to Electrical and Computer Engineering, during the Spring 1996 semester.
Highlights of Selected Courses 

In Introduction to Electrical and Computer Engineering, we constructed a mobile robot.  Because the inexpensive kits had a large number of problems, and I had experience in this kind of assembly, I spent much of my lab time helping other groups detect, identify, and repair defects. 
In Signals and Systems, I particularly enjoyed the lab on Simulating the Operation of a Prosthetic Limb, using Matlab. 
In Control Systems, I most enjoyed modelling the attitude control system for an aircraft. 
In Concurrency and Realtime Systems, my work experience with ROM-based embedded computing, and pragmatic approach to simplification, contributed to the speed with which my group was able to optimize our program. 

Activities and Awards 

During my brief attendance at the university, I was unable to find time for very many extracurricular groups.   
I did participate in the activities of  the national service organization, AFW, and I was a member of  the Society of  Women Engineers (SWE).  

Twice, I organized and conducted the Iron Ring ceremony, introducing The Order of the Engineer to CMU. 

I received a 1996 CMU Senior Leadership Award, and, for my entry, Backloop Audition for Telerobotics, was awarded an HONORABLE MENTION by the Sigma Xi Society in their 1996 Poster Contest.  

I made a presentation and demonstration of the BAT, at the "Meeting of the Minds," Carnegie Mellon's Undergraduate Research Symposium. 

Logitech 6D Mouse Closeup of Flying Mouse Closeup on Robot arm Closeup on BAT sensors
Grants SURG, URAP 

I worked in coordination with H. Ben Brown, who is a Project Scientist in the Vision and Autonomous Systems Center (VASC) at CMU. 
My faculty advisor was Takeo Kanade, Professor and Director of the Robotics Institute

Order of the Engineer
Iron ring, representing the Order of the Engineer
In association with 
The goal of the Order of the Engineer is the same as that of the Ritual of the Calling of an Engineer, which has almost 100% participation from graduating engineers in Canadian universities.  As in the original Kipling ceremony, inductees make a declaration (entitled Obligation Of An Engineer), which says, in part, 
I pledge to practice integrity and fair dealing, tolerance and respect; and to uphold devotion to the standards of the dignity of my profession . . . . 
Members of the Order wear an Iron Ring on the little finger of their working hand, to demonstrate this pledge and to advertise their pride in their profession.
As part of the application process, I took the   
College Board (ETS) examinations. 
June 1993 V Q A
800 760 800
November 1993 EngComp Math II  Physics 
770 800 800
May 1993 V M TSWE
760 750 60+

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